It’s The Final Countdown!

Hello Vega Families!

It has been quite a while since our last post as we’ve been focused on a wide number of preparations to make the summer as fun and safe as possible.  Some of us have been at camp for just about 2 months, and one thing is clear that time still has the same magical effect at camp as always. While days seem long, a month seems like a week.  

Since the entire staff arrived by June 12th, we’ve had more time than ever to help show them how to have fun at camp.  Tubing, waterfront afternoons, sports, ropes, tennis, gymnastics, dance and more – the staff have had the opportunity to practice coaching and participating in every department (except figure skating, but the ice is ready and waiting).  

The staff bonds are deeper than ever, and it has created the most positive environment we can remember.  We will use that foundation to take the biggest collective leap we can with everyone this weekend.  The anticipation of everything that camp offers grows by the moment, and we are thrilled to be able to have, and offer, this exceptional experience.  

To camp parents sending your daughter(s): thank you for assuming and understanding that we are extremely busy.  We realized this as everyone we speak with begins the conversation stating that they can only imagine how busy we are! Please know that we are in the Vega Bubble 24/7 and if you need to speak with us, we are all here for you – and because of you!

With Gratitude and Excitement,

Kyle, Emily and The Vega Team