The Start of Olympics

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It is hard to believe that camp has been going on for over a week and visiting day is in less than three weeks!  There is a saying that summer camp is the fastest and longest time.  A perfect example of how it is the longest time: asking a camper how her skiing went this morning, “I did that this morning?  That seems like a week ago!”  On the other side of things, we were speaking with some campers this morning about how close visiting day is and they were genuinely amazed.

Yesterday was our first Olympic Day.  The girls started the morning with our traditional lazy breakfast with Dunkin Donuts, bagels, lox, eggs, and a variety of other breakfast items.  Afterwards the girls got ready for their bunk pictures, and the older girls went tubing.  Don’t worry junior camp parents, your girls will be tubing on the 4th of July!  The Junior camp morning was filled with field games and song practice to begin preparation for the final Olympic event at the end of camp: (yes – preparation for the end of camp!) The Olympic Sing.

The afternoon was the first Olympic Competition.  Junior camp competed in a variety of swimming events, from the straight forward freestyle, to the more silly and fun events like the Tshirt relay and the sandcastle building contest.  Senior camp competed in landsports events ranging from soccer to softball to kickball.  We are excited to see who wins Sunday’s events, and it is still everybody’s and anybody’s Olympics!  Good luck green and good luck white and let the games begin.